Els Bufadors


Serra dels Bufadors

The "bufadors" (wind blowers) are holes and crevices through which air blows. It is well worthwhile to walk through the fascinating area where the holes are found, as their setting in the shady part of the "serra dels bufadors" means that they enjoy a special microclimate, with great blocks of mossy rocks and very unusual flora.

The area is not very large, elongated and fairly narrow. Notice the holes in the ground. If you approach close to them you can feel that the air rising is cold. Sometimes you can hear it whistling inside, this is why they are called the "bufadors". As you go on there are more holes, some of which have been explored by expert speleologists. The ground here is unstable and it is not advisable to go into the bufadors. This is a spot of great beauty and has a magical air.
How to get there:
From Santa Maria de Besora take the road to Ripoll through Llaers. At 2.5 km, just after a turn to the right, there is a road which turns left and goes to the road from Beví to the "Bufadors".



Bellmunt Sanctuary and Hermitage

At an altitude of 1,246 m, this hermitage offers one of the most extensive panoramic views of the Osona district and the south of the Ripollès. The sanctuary and guest precinct, and the restaurant, are built on the living rock.

How to get there: leave Can Cisquet in the direction of Vidrà until you come to the Masia del Coll de Vidrà (8 minutes by car). Leave the car at the Masia and take the track which leads to the Serra de Bellmunt. From the Coll to the Bellmunt Sanctuary takes 1hr 45min.

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Santa Mª de Besora castle


Santa Mª de Besora castle

Waterfall of the Mir



Montesquiu castle


Montesquiu castle